Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

Everyone who has performed with a University Band is automatically a member.  This includes:

-- All Concert Band members

-- All Marching Illini instrumentalists, drumline, flag corps, Illinettes, featured twirlers, and other performers.

-- All students who portrayed Chief Illiniwek.

-- All Basketball Band members.

-- All Friends of the University of Illinois Bands are also welcome to join.  Just send us a note. 

If you have any question if you are a member or not, please send us a note.  


I wasn't in the band, but my son/daughter, spouse, or friend was OR I'm a big fan of the band. Can I be part of the Bands Alumni?

Absolutely YES!  We are an inclusive group and if you also support the University of Illinois Bands then you are welcome to join.  Just send us a note.


I'd like to get more involved. I have an idea for the website.

Email us at We'd love to hear from you!


When is Chief Illiniwek coming back?

There is no group of Illini students or alumni who honor The Chief more than those from the Illinois Bands.  We don't know when The Chief will return, but until that day we will continue to hold this revered tradition in our memories with respect and pride.


Who's got the Best Band In The Land?